Italian Private Dining at Otto Ristorante

Indulge in the epitome of culinary excellence at Otto Ristorante, a distinguished contemporary Italian restaurant nestled in the heart of Singapore's bustling Central Business District. Renowned for our commitment to delivering an authentic taste of Italy, Otto Ristorante has become a gastronomic haven for discerning palates.

Along with our carefully curated menu, you can get the exclusive opportunity to savour authentic Italian cuisine in our sophisticated private rooms. Our private dining service is no ordinary dinner reservation; we give you a bespoke journey of the Italian culinary tradition.   Immerse yourself in an intimate setting where you can enjoy meals prepared to the highest standards of luxury with your business partners, friends or family. From the carefully selected menu to the warm and welcoming ambience, you can expect an extraordinary dining experience ahead. When it comes to a fine dining Italian restaurant that showcases the culinary wonders of Italy, Otto Ristorante is the place to be.

Our Private Dining Rooms

Discover culinary sophistication at Otto Ristorante through our private dining rooms, where exquisite Italian cuisine meets an intimate ambience. Perfect for both personal celebrations and professional gatherings, here’s a taster of the private dining rooms at our restaurant in Singapore:


This intimate private dining room is tailored for gatherings of up to 8 guests. Ideal for fostering close connections, our Negroni dining room provides an exclusive setting for intimate conversations with friends and family or focused discussions with colleagues and business partners. Feel comfortable conversing in the privacy of this space while indulging in the finest Italian culinary creations.


For slightly larger gatherings of up to 14 guests, our Bellini private dining room offers a perfect blend of exclusivity and celebration. This space is designed for small-scale events, where friends and family can come together for memorable moments, or colleagues can engage in more private discussions, all while savouring the delectable flavours of Italy.


With a capacity for up to 16 guests, our Martini private dining room provides a slightly larger yet equally intimate space. Ideal for small celebrations and business meetings, Martini ensures a private and refined atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the elegant ambience as you enjoy the company of your guests and the Italian culinary delights curated by Otto Ristorante.


For larger gatherings of up to 30 diners, our Bellini-Martini combined private dining room assures exclusivity. Perfect for private social events, this space allows you to host an exclusive gathering, creating lasting memories amidst the backdrop of Otto Ristorante’s exceptional Italian culinary offerings. Experience the perfect blend of luxury and intimacy in our Bellini-Martini private dining room.

Enjoy Delectable Cuisine with Finesse and Style

Experience Italian fine dining as you’ve never before at Otto Ristorante, where delectable cuisine meets finesse and style. Whether you need a corporate dinner venue or a place to celebrate with your big family, our private dining options offer the perfect setting for every occasion.

Discover the charm of dining in an elegant and cosy environment, where each private room provides you with an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere to enjoy food and each other’s company. Whether you’re hosting a business meeting or celebrating a milestone, our spaces effortlessly blend luxury with warmth, ensuring a memorable experience for you and your guests.

To secure your preferred dates and rooms, we recommend early reservations, which you can simply do online. Our seamless reservation process ensures a hassle-free planning experience. Kindly fill out our reservation form, and we’ll get back to you for confirmation as soon as we can.

Make your moments extraordinary at Otto Ristorante, where exceptional cuisine, refined surroundings, and impeccable service come together to create unforgettable memories. Reserve your private dining experience today and elevate your next gathering with a touch of Italian sophistication.

Experience the Luxury of Italian Fine Dining in Our Private Dining Rooms

At Otto Ristorante, we are dedicated to offering a feast of authentic Italian flavours, providing our customers with a truly distinctive and memorable dining adventure. We pride ourselves on a commitment to excellence in every aspect of your dining experience. From our meticulously crafted Italian menu to the warm and inviting atmosphere of our restaurant, Otto Ristorante is a place where high-quality food meets exceptional service. Our years of expertise in serving authentic Italian cuisine have established us as a trusted destination for those seeking a genuine taste of Italy.

Beyond our dedication to traditional Italian fare, we cater to a diverse range of preferences. Our Italian restaurant’s vegetarian menu showcases a delightful array of plant-based creations, ensuring that every guest can partake in our luxury dining experience. For those looking for an extraordinary culinary journey, our gourmet menu offers a curated selection of dishes that epitomise the artistry of Italian cuisine. Book a reservation today to a table or private dining room and experience Italian fine dining in Singapore unlike never before.

Visit Us


OTTO Ristorante is located at:

32 Maxwell Road
#01-02/03 Maxwell Chambers
069115 Singapore


To reach our establishment, follow these directions:

  • From Tanjong Pagar MRT:
    Take Exit C, head northeast on Anson Road toward Prince Edward Road. Turn left onto Maxwell Road at the intersection. Turn left onto Wallich Street and enter Maxwell Chambers.
  • From Shenton Way MRT:
    Use Exit 3, head northwest on Park Street toward Shenton Lane. Turn left onto Shenton Way and continue on. Turn right onto Maxwell Road, then turn left onto Wallich Street and enter Maxwell Chambers.
  • From Downtown MRT:
    Take Exit A and head northwest on Central Boulevard toward Marina View. Turn left onto Marina View, then turn right onto Commerce Street. Turn left onto Shenton Way, then continue on before turning right onto Maxwell Road. Turn left onto Wallich Street and enter Maxwell Chambers.

Opening Hours



  • Monday to Friday 12pm to 2.30pm
    Restaurant is closed on Sundays


  • Monday to Friday 6.30pm to 10.30pm
  • Saturday 6.30pm to 10.30pm